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Volkswagen Family Cars.
Jetta. You never forget your first car.
Safe, spacious and stylish; just three reasons why the Jetta could be your perfect family car. Load up the generous boot, enjoy the impressive performance and make yourself at home in the roomy interior. Make your family car one you’ll never forget.

Explore the Jetta sedan
Golf Wagon. When you need more Golf.
Dynamic, stylish, practical and fun – the Golf Wagon is the ideal family car for those who live an active life and refuse to compromise on safety, style and performance. If you’re looking for a car that provides great value as well as a great driving experience, then look no further.

Discover the Golf Wagon
Passat Wagon. Pleasure before business.
With its plentiful boot and spacious interior the Passat Wagon lets you pack more into your weekends. With an array of innovative technologies, elegant styling and impressive performance, the Passat Wagon is the perfect package to compliment your lifestyle.

Explore the Passat Wagon